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My Dolly Wish List Dollmama's Den Swap for Aug 2005

updated: 04 Aug 05

  1. old Ginnys & Gingers
  2. Randis & Knock Offs
  3. R&B littlest angels & Block dolls
  4. Small Bisques
  5. Nancy Ann and the Hollywood dolls too
  6. Raggedy Anns
  7. Alice in Wonderland



Big Eyes

Littlest Angel


anything LITTLE!

Bleuette - {sigh}

Charming Chatty

Nancy Ann Storybooks

Mini Adorabelle


.. .. ...Anything except no Genes or Barbies

My Favorite ... Do I Like ....
Doll Types
I am headed to small... 8 and 10 inch dolls.. too many big girls already

I love cloth dolls , vinyls and hard plastics!

American Character, Vogue and Galoob

Margaret Keane ( favorite!!) Mel Birnkrandt and Robert Tonner, Jan Mclean, Lots of Keane copies around.. all are awesome!!!

Special Features

The mythical, mystical, unusual, angels etc?
..sad eyes... angel faces, raggedys, fairies, .googlies

Culture dolls?
Yes .. especially asian and afro american

Celebrity Dolls?
I have a few but don't really pursue them

OOAK Dolls?
Love repaints... not Berenguers though

My LEAST Favorites

2. Porcelain

3. Genes