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Dollmama's Den Swap for Aug 2005

updated Aug 03

No real favorites I am not a collector, per say, but do have a small collection of antiques: a real old Wax Perotti, made in England, an Armand Marseille 390, the tiny Armand Marseille that I got from Stephanie in the last doll swap, a Mme. Alexander Anna McGuffy, a Kestner "Mabel", two Effanbee dolls (a brother and sister set), to name most of them. Oh yes, forgot. My old worn and much loved Steiff Teddy Bear, "Big Teddy". Had him since I was two months old


If in Stephanie!

My LEAST Favorites

My Dolly Wish List

No least favorites
To find a Deanna Durbin. I have an original dress that my own Deanna Durbin doll wore. I guess I played with the doll so much I wore her out. She and Anna McGuffy. Anna had a huge wardrobe, which I have kept all these years. I looked for ever so long before I found an Anna to replace the one I didn't have any more, and one that I could afford

My Favorite ...

Doll Types
No real favorite type, though the children dolls are more fun to dress. Fashion dolls' and Baby dolls' clothes can be so fussy.

I like the bisque (porcelain) dolls the best. Next come the composition dolls

For Antique Dolls, they would be Kestner, Jumeau, Bru, Heubach..... For "modern" dolls Before 1950, they would be Mme. Alexander, Ideal, Horsman, Effanbee..........For the recent modern dolls after 1950 up to now, they would be American Character, Vogue Mattel.....

I like the Rose O'Neil dolls, and the Hemstedt dolls. Jan McClean dolls are wonderful. I met her several years ago. Nice lady. I can appreciate any doll, really

Special Features
The small dolls, even the petite size, are better for me, as space is limited around here for placing dolls out on view. Short of storing dolls, which is not really good for them, I wouldn't know where to put them, if I started to collect them. I mostly keep those that win Blue Ribbons, and even then, they have to be "favored".

Do I Like ....

The mythical, mystical, unusual, angels etc?
The mythical dolls are OK. Some are pretty weird. Some ethereal. Some "way out Wilshire!". If you lived in LA, you'd know that one, as one of the main drags, Wilshire Blvd. seems to go on and on and on , from the ocean to way into the heart of LA, getting lost there somewhere.

Culture dolls?
Eskimo dolls, or Inuit Dolls, are fun, so are the original Indian Skookums. The dolls made in the orient, to resemble the people there are charming too.

Celebrity Dolls?
Not too partial to any of the celebrity dolls, except for Betty Boop. Now, she's cute!

OOAK Dolls?
The little Anna McGuffy that I found needs some work done on her and yes, after she has been restored, I'll keep her.