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My Dolly Wish List Dollmama's Den Swap for Aug 2005

updated: 09Aug 05

Vinyl girl dolls

Hard plastic walkers


Big baby dolls

Ideal Bye Bye baby, another Uneeda Wiggles, vinyl Gotz Girls, White Balloon Natterer dolls, and there's always room for more LA's or Sasha's. Ginny's are nice too, but not the vinyl head ones

Littlest Angel



.I like most all kinds of dolls and I'll collect just about anything

My LEAST Favorites

2. Porcelain

3. Hollow plastic dolls

My Favorite ... Do I Like ....
Doll Types
Walkers with jointed knees, vinyl girl dolls, big babies and toddler types

Vinyl, hard plastic, composition, vinyl and cloth body baby dolls

Arranbee, Ideal, Madame Alexander, American Character, Uneeda, Vogue, Effanbee, some Mattel dolls

Sasha, Robert Tonner, Sylvia Natterer...... more that I don't know yet

Special Features
Walkers, flirty eyes, faces with a difference, molded hair, extra joints

The mythical, mystical, unusual, angels etc?
I like unusual features, nothing spooky though

Culture dolls?
Yes. Depends on the doll, I don't go looking for specific cultures

Celebrity Dolls?

OOAK Dolls?