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My Dolly Wish List Dollmama's Den Swap for Aug 2005

updated: 04 Aug 05

1.Littlest Angel & Block Girlies

2.Ruthie/Kindergarten Kathy et al


4. Ballerinas & Clowns of any kind

Horsman Ruthies

Littlest Angels

all 50's girl dolls

Ginny - pre-1970 and Meritus, Dakin, and new Vogue, just not Lesney "skinny Ginny"

and new this year - clown dollies

1. Any one of Berdine Creedy's new Traveling Little Girls

2. MA Yukon Wendy

3. MA Dressed to Thrill Coquette - Latin

4. Tonner's Gracie and 14" Little Jane

5. 16" -18" Madame Alexander Marybel or Kelly in a School Girl Outfit or any nice outfit

6. Red Hair early 60s Mattel straight leg Skooter

7. Adora My Teddy


You can use this as a guide, but I am looking forward to dolly swap to get me "out of the box" (pun intended) ... and to find something new. So just because it is not on this list, doesn't mean much of anything. Except the not liking Barbie. Barbie can stay home. Not that I don't already have four special Barbies and 3 Kellies but I am so peculiar about what Barbie appeals to me.

My LEAST Favorites

2. Boy Dolls

3. Dedos give me the spooks

My Favorite ... Do I Like ....
Doll Types
50's chubby girls

anything but porcelain, I'm clumsy

Horsman, Vogue, Arranbee, American Character, Madame Alexander, Tonner

Berdine Creedy

Special Features

The mythical, mystical, unusual, angels etc?
Not really

Ethnic, Cultural dolls?
Native American, including North, Central & South Americas

Celebrity Dolls?
not really, but wouldn't mind 60's Jackie O dolls or Princess Diana in Bride Dress

OOAK Dolls?
Never had one, but there always is a first time