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Dollmama's Den Swap for Aug 2005

updated 04 Aug 05

Babies & Toddlers

I like Raggedy Ann, Holly Hobbie, reborns, Lee Middleton, Sheila Michael, Berenguer, Baby So Beautiful, Madame Alexander Storyland ones, small porcelains like I have 2 Eskimo ones & some minature baby ones, Suzanne Gibson Kalico Kids, Cabbage Patch Kids, American Girls, & Elmo if he counts as a doll LOL


My Dolly Wish List
My LEAST Favorites
Ok as long as we are dreaming I would someday like a Braydon silicone doll by Laura Tuzio-Ross which is sold out limited edition to like 25 or something & costs $2,000 !!!!!!! Also Madame Alexander Christopher Robin Blustery Day edition but he is spendy too :)

***I am still looking for Tippie Toes by Mattel the newer retired version from I think the 80's. She was hard plastic blonde haired doll that could walk & swing her head back n forth in rhythm behind her yellow stroller

Definietly not in to Barbie, no adult dolls really either

My Favorite ...
Doll Types
I think I collect dolls that to me best capture children (of all ages) in how they look in real life. They don't have to look real I should say but catch your eye and remind you of your youth or others'. So I like baby, toddler,pre-teen or young teen dolls. The Berenguers, the Stardust, American Girl, Lee Middleton, My Twinn, Baby So Beautiful etc. are name brands I can think of but there is a lot of 'unknown' types that are just as cute

I prefer soft dolls for cuddling and harder plastic/vinyl/etc. types are ok for display.

Berenguer , Berenguer, Berenguer ( does that help?!?!)

I like Suzanne Gibson but have most of the ones of hers I want. I am down to needing the 2 twin toddler girls & the mom. I luv Sheila Michael but they are much too expensive.

Special Features
I like all kinds of dolls, they could be angels or fairies or babies or knomes LoL not picky really

Do I Like ....
The mythical, mystical, unusual, angels etc?
Oh yes! Thats why I got Stardust Laurel woodland fairy. I even like the gnomes that Berenguer makes. Angels are nice I have a porcelain one. And a big fan of Harry Potter of course!

Culture dolls?
YES!! If they have a pleasant face. I do get disgusted when doll companies go cheap on making ethnic dolls and then they don't look nice. The wrong coloring or weird stone almost angry face is just not very 'complimentary' to anyone of any nationality

Celebrity Dolls?
Not unless they made a Cary Grant doll!!!!!!!

OOAK Dolls?