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My MOST Favorites

I Collect ...

Dollmama's Den Swap for Aug 2005

updated: 05 Aug 05

1.Baby Face (naturally)

2. Petit Al

3. Dedo and Dedo sized Googly or Flirty dolls (approx 10-11")

1. Baby Face

2. ABJ resin dolls (Custom House, Volks, Leekeworld, Blue Fairy etc)

3. Dedo

4. Blythe/Pullip

5. Anne Estelle

6. Living Dead Dolls

7. Helen Kish Bethany


My Dolly Wish List
Leekeworld Suntan Sweet (highly unlikely I will ever get)

Nancy Ann Storybook Muffie (love these sweeties, want, want, want).

customs, redressed, character dolls made from original OOAK sculpts, BF,Ann Estelle, Blythe, Pullip or pretty much any cute little child or toddler doll

My LEAST Favorites
1.Fashion or adult dolls

2.Reborn babies

3. Big dolls

My Favorite ...
Doll Types
Some babies, but mostly child dolls, 15" and under, mostly in the 10-11" size.

Vinyl, Hard Plastic, Compo, Resin

Vogue, American Character, Aranbee, Cosmopolitan, Mezco (LDD), Gotz, White Balloon

Eloise Wilkin, Mel B, Tonner, Helen Kish, Sylvia Natterer, Marie Osmond, Maree Massey, Laura Lee Wambach

Special Features
Love multiple jointed dolls

Do I Like ....
The mythical, mystical, unusual, angels etc?
Unusual, yes definitely. Mythical like in Fairy Tales, yes. Mystical, if you mean like Fairies or Mermaids, no, not particularly.

Ethnic, Cultural dolls?
Yes. Any, but Asian is my favorite.

Celebrity Dolls?
OK if done as a child doll.

OOAK Dolls?
A big YES. I especially love Teeny Tiny resin OOAK babies (that fit in the palm of your hand, 2 1/2-3 12") and small OOAK child dolls 4-6"