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updated: 05 Aug 05

I love all the old hard plastic 50's dolls, but I have so many of them now that I've been getting more interested in some of the newer dolls like the Tonners, Kish, Natterers, Magic Attic and some of the other new dolls.

Mostly vintage but getting more in to newer dolls too. The collection has gotten pretty diverse in the last few years. I also am partial to ballerinas.

Is overwhelming. Here are a few.


MA little genius


Nancy Ann bisque baby



My Favorite ... Do I Like ....
My LEAST Favorites
Life like newborns

Cloth dolls


New Porcelain

Dolls with unusual exaggerated features

Doll Types
Ballerinas, child and toddlers, a few fashion dolls and babies

Composition, hard plastic, bisque and vinyl

Madame Alexander, Nancy Ann, R&B, doesn't matter

Tonner, Kish, Natterer

Special Features
Nothing in particular I can think of

The mythical, mystical, unusual, angels etc?
Not generally but sometimes

Culture dolls?
Yes particularly India, Japan and vintage black dolls

Celebrity Dolls?
Little Women, Shirley Temple

OOAK Dolls?
yes, especialy if one of my dolly friends makes it.