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Multimedia and Internet Literacy

Course Number: EDDV 667
Credits: 3

Instructor: Fred T. Hofstetter

Description: Defines multimedia and explores who is using it for what, shows how fast it is growing, and discusses the impact it is having on society. Surveys applications across the curriculum and reflects on the effects of multimedia on current teaching practice. Considers the nature of hypermedia and the challenge of designing effective hyperlearning materials. Provides a multimedia toolbox and shows how to use it to create and publish multimedia applications. Introduces the World Wide Web and shows how to surf it, create Web pages, and use the Internet for multimedia e-mail and intracasting. Discusses multimedia frontiers, emerging technology, and societal issues including human impact, regulation, copyright, fair use, equity, cost, and universal access. Considers the impact of technology on the future of schooling.

Textbook Fred T. Hofstetter, Multimedia Literacy (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1997). ISBN 0-07-913107-7. Includes a multimedia CD-ROM.
Requirements In addition to attending class, participants will be expected to spend at least three hours per week completing assignments on a multimedia PC. The development of an original multimedia application will constitute one-third of the final grade; an essay on a trend or issue in multimedia will comprise another third; and the creation of a Web site containing a home page, a resume, and an intracast will count the remaining third. Students enrolled for graduate credit must also present in class an evaluation of a multimedia software application critiqued in the context of educational research in their content area. All students must demonstrate that they have become proficient in using the Internet to send and receive electronic mail with their instructor and fellow classmates. Instead of submitting the written essay on paper, students will mount it on their Web site and submit the essay's Web address to the professor via e-mail.
Prerequisites Students must have an active Internet account and be able to send and receive electronic mail.

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Communication Principles in Multimedia Presentations
now titled : Principles of Multimedia Presentations for Education
Course Number: EDST 667
Credits: 3
Instructor: John A. Courtright

Description: Participants will be introduced to communication principles and to practices which underlie the construction of effective multimedia presentations. Students will also have the opportunity to construct and receive feedback on a multimedia presentation which incorporates these communication concepts. Issues to be discussed include: the impact of visual stimuli on perception and communication; nonverbal communication; alternative strategies for organizing and designing presentations; and communicating effectively through graphs, charts, and tables. Both informative presentations, such as lectures and classroom lessons, and persuasive presentations, such as proposals and funding requests, will be discussed. An in-class presentation and two short papers will be required of all students.

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