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Public Listservs or Forums


Yahoo Group

This is a listserv sponsored by IIDA - the International Interior Design Association. "DesignResearch brings together members of the design profession and related disciplines such as environmental psychology, sociology, and business. Community members have the opportunity to engage in open dialogue and exchange information and ideas related to interior design research and environmental design. Researchers, practitioners, educators, students, and industry manufacturers are encouraged to join the DesignResearch community."

Flamenco Dancer

Yahoo Group

This is a group that has migrated from several previous hosts until finding a home at Yahoo. It consists of a worldwide group of those related to the flamenco arts. Although a large number of the most significant flamenco artists are still not very "connected" to cyberspace, a lot of their associates or students are. It is an example of a research resource that may only be available through a listserv forum. It contains in its discussions, information that may not be available anywhere else, as there are few other published resources in this area. I archive all of the digests from this post as a source of primary reference material on this art form.

Talking About Architecture

Yahoo Group

This is a Yahoo group of relatively large size and moderate activity. It is open to professionals of all levels and architecture students are welcome. It would be useful as a forum for students to submit their design positions relevant to a studio design topic, and then be able to discuss and receive feedback from a potentially much larger community than their own studio class or design school.

Spanish Word of the Month

This is a mailing list that is not interactive, as the subscribers do not submit posts. However, it is very useful for the study of Spanish as it addresses a lot of vocabulary that a student would not ordinarily encounter in the ordinary academic setting, but would be necessary for fluent idomatic conversation. In a typical posting, you recieve dozens of words and phrases centered around one topic. For example, in October 2001, the subject was "terrorism". In using this lesson, a student could then write or speak more expressively about the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Previous posts are also archived as a teaching resource.

Art and Audience

Topica Group

I am including this group in my list of references, even though the membership is small and the discussion can be very informal. Creating connections to the art community is very important for artists of any age, especially students. Depending upon geography or personal circumstance, making these connections in the usual time-place dependent ways may be difficult. This forum, although discovered just recently as part of this assignment seems to be one good "virtual" community of artists who share a moderated forum organized around a monthly topic. The discussion forum is only one component of the "virtual community". It has a web site hosted at Homestead.com which allows for hosting of member's biographies and a gallery for their work.

Professional Member's Only Forums

CSI Net Forums

This is a web-based discussion board that does not have an email component. It is for CSI - Construction Specification Institute members only and sponsors both informal and formal discussion areas. The formal Forums are organized around a central topic for a set time period and have scheduled noted experts in this specific topic area to participate.


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