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  1. We gleefully admit we are powerless to pass up any Horsman dollie, regardless of how "worthless" she may be in any offical doll book.

  2. We believe that the power of more dollies alone will restore us to sanity.

  3. We are willing to turn our lives, houses, closets, garages, and bank balance over to the power of eBay, garage and estate sales.

  4. We will rarely do any extensive, searching, or detailed inventory of our Horsman dolly girls, unless the swap box comes along.

  5. We will freely, frequently and happily admit to any and all the nature of our "problem", not that anyone who comes to visit our house cannot already guess.

  6. We are entirely ready at any time to adopt more Horseman dolly girls, regardless of any of their defects in appearance, as no dolly has any defect of character, and find homes for those we cannot keep ourselves.

  7. We pledge to overlook any Horsman dolly shortcomings and tell them daily how special they are, especially if they have overheard comments by other dolls that they aren't as "collectible".

  8. We will make a list of all those who might have Horsman dolly girls and promise to continuously visit those we know of, and scour the ends of earth and time to find those we don't.

  9. We will devote ourselves unstintingly and unselfishly to make whatever repairs, refurbishments or other amends to our Horsman dolly girls for the extensive "loving" they have previously received and buy them Fairyland shoes knowing full well that the shoes are probably worth more than the doll is.

  10. We pledge never to compare our personal dolly inventory to another doll collector, either for quantity, quality, or estimated value. The only thing that counts is whether or not the girlie says "take me home" when we see her.

  11. We pledge to seek guidance from the similarly afflicted to find out how better to accomplish these steps, especially Nos. 6 and 8.

  12. Having found our awakening to one of our missions in life, we will advertise it broadly, and remember that "a dolly a day keeps the blues away"
the Happy Holidays greeting features Elsie-Cat original "Let It Snow" Winter Wonderland Outfits on 18" play dolls