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My Faves:

Necessary Extras - clothes, accessories, furntiure. Mostly for 18" dolls.

Sweet Somethings - many many many cool shoes, has multiple sizes of shoes, accessories

All Dolled Up - Has tights, has Am.Girl, Magic Attic, My Twinn


Dale Rae Designs - Doll Clothes, Doll Accessories, Sewing Patterns; for Am.Girl, Magic Attic, My Twinn, Bitty Baby, Betsey McCall & kin, Gene Marshall

Simply Grace Designs - Doll Clothes and Accessories for Play Dolls and Others
Such as Sasha®. the American Girl Doll, the Heidi Ott Dolls, Gotz,
Magic Attic, Betsy McCall, and older dolls such as Chatty Cathy, Ginny,
and Fisher Price My Friends.

Doll Clothes Sew Beautiful - has lots of interesting socks and shoes

Oh You Beautiful Doll - has interesting clothes for Am.Girl, Magic Attic, My Twinn, Bitty Baby, but less than perfect web site


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Ice Skates:

All Dolled Up - Has for Am.Girl only in gold
Sweet Somethings - has vintage ice skates in one size, and black or white ice skates for Am.Girl or Magic Attic
Necessary Extras - has vintage ice skates in one size, and ice skates for Am.Girl  Black, White, Red, Gold, Pink, and Silver

"Remember me?
I am you who trusted. I am you who had faith in my caretakers and in the goodness
of the world. I thought my bears and my dollies and my dreams could hold me safe
forever and I could live sheltered in the comfort of childhood. Through me you saw
the world throuh an optimist, a dreamer, a believer..."
Remember Me by Jess of BJ