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Littlest Angel - Red/White Check over Navy Stripe
Littlest Angel - Red/White Dotted Swiss Littlest Angel - Yellow Print Ensembe with Organdy Bib - on doll Littlest Angel - Yellow Print Ensembe with Organdy Bib - showing detail
This is the basic Littlest Angel sleeveless dress that has many variations. Most variations are trimmed with lace at sleeves and neck, and close with 2 buttons in back. This is identical to the blue dotted swiss picture Dian posted on the MsgBd, except for lace at waist. This is like the Littlest Angel outfit I used as base for hat and panties. The dress is the same as the sleeveless dress except that it has an organdy round bib collar in front. The simple hat and basic panties are the same as many LA outfits .

I've never seen this in a dotted swiss fabric - only flowery on yellow.

Littlest Angel - Flowered Sleeveless Dress - the original
Littlest Angel - Flowered Sleeveless Dress - my reproduction Littlest Angel - Pink/White Dotted Swiss Littlest Angel -
This is another variation of the sleeveless lace trimmed dress - a flowered dress with a satin sash. My reproduction is made of vintage printed lawn, with rayon satin ribbon. I can make it close with either buttonholes or snaps.
Another Littlest Angel Dotted Swiss Variation. This one is made with kimono-style short sleeves and a sheer pinafore. I don't know if this is a LA original dress or not, but it is a cutie. It is made with a shorter skirt than the red swiss dot pictured above.

Littlest Angel Sleeveless Dresses

Littlest Angel - Blue Coat Organdy Dress Ensemble
Littlest Angel - Dotted Organdy Dress and Straw Hat Ensemble Littlest Angel - Pink Flocked Organdy Dress and Hat Littlest Angel - Red/White Striped Dress and Hat
These are all variations of the sleeveless dress.