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Dolly Swap
September 2003

Official Swap Maven:
Queen Stephanie

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Dolly Swap - Sept. 03
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This is the page for an archive of our swap dolls for the Doll Swap which began officially on August 27th [or so ] - and we are almost finished ....

The Travelin' Dollies Are:

Lorie's Swap Dolls

Rhonda's Dolls

Lotsa dollies - when I reread and figgure them all out again, I will label them, but that is Ginny in her red dress in the center back there

Natterer, Dawn, and Tiny Teens

Sharon's Dolls

Barb's Dolls

Freckles (green Hair) ; Raggedy Cowgirl

Charlotte's Dolls

Ann's Dolls

Flirty eyed German Wernike: Amy, a Tiny Tender Toddler by Gay Talbott Boassy (Delton Products Corp), and Candice from Corolle's Les Cheries

Elizabeth's Dolls

Elsie-Cat's Dolls

Sue's Dolls

Vonda's Dolls

Horsman Baby Buttercup and Gotz Mini Muffin Kripplebush - Eliza?

Francine's Dolls

Laura's Dolls

Dian's Dolls

Dell's Dolls

Stephanie's Dolls