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Dolly Swap - Sept. 04
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Dolly Swap
September 2004

Official Swap Maven:

back to the DEN ...

This is the page for an archive of our swap dolls for the Doll Swap which began officially on September 13th [or so ] - oh boy oh boy....

The Travelin' Dollies Are:

Charlotte's Swap Dolls

Sue's Doll

Robert Tonner Effanbee Patsy,
Dewees Cochran's Cindy (Cinderella) American Child

Reproduction of Armand Marseille's "My Dream Baby" - Handmade by Charlotte

Dell's Swap Dolls

Dian's Swap Doll

SugarPeas Nursery OOAK by Sue

Button Doll - Handmade by Charlotte

Littlest Angel

Ann's Swap Doll

ElsieCat's Swap Doll

OOAK BabyFace Beth made by Ann

Pullip doll from Japan

Barb's Dolls

Stephanie's Dolls

Mini-Calin (clown) & Mini-Corolline (girl)

Marie Osmond - When I Grow UP

Effanbee Patsy - Winter Chill

Rhonda's Dolls

Vonda's Dolls

Carpatina Julia

Sweet Sue

Francine's Dolls

????????'s Dolls

???????'s Dolls

??????'s Dolls

Lorie's Dolls