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Dolly Swap - Sept. 05
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This is the page for an archive of our swap dolls for the 2005 Doll Swap which began around August 15
and if I do say so myself, they are quite a little collection in themselves

Dolly Swap
September 2005

Official Swap Maven:

back to the DEN ...

The Travelin' Dollies Are:

Francine's Swap Doll

Elsie Cat's Dolls

Block Yes/No doll -

Roddy Walker with flirty eyes

Barbara McCall - Tonner

Emily's Swap Doll

Dell's Swap Doll

Wendy Lawton's Katrena Emily's OOAK

Lorie's Swap Dolls

Charlotte's Swap Doll

Gotz Handcrafted "Kevin"
Littlest Angel

Horsman Softee ca 1961

Ann's Doll

Dian's Doll

Charlotte's reproduction of a rare Armand Marseille Googlie, #323

The Logo on the outside of the tag is the DAG Logo (Doll Artisan Guild)

So Exotic Erika

OOAK Baby Face remake by Ann

Sharon's Doll

Stephanie's Dolls

Helen Kish Seasons Doll - Ooodles and ooodles of dollies!
Bottom Row: Tonner's Kripplebush Eliza,
Vogue Dolls Crib Crowd 2004 Reissue
Top Row: Vogue Ginny, Madame Alexander Wendykin

Rhonda's Dolls

Barb's Dolls

Great big boy Groom Doll and Virga Lollipop from left to right:
Block walker faced baby in Rhonda-made layette
Marybel redressed in Rhonda-made outfit
Schorchi by jeckle jensen [German]

What??? It's OVER? Gee, and now I have to wait another year. {sigh}