Experience and Training in Educational Technology


Graduate Level Course Work:

University of Delaware - Master of Education in Educational Technology

ALN in Education [Asynchronous Learning Networks]

The instructional and institutional issues posed by the advent of anytime-anywhere educational technolgy are multitudinous and complex. Pursuing interest developed in graduate courses, professional development has been pursued through events sponsored by ALN Web, which is dedicated to providing information, training, and other opportunities for those engaged in developing asynchronous learning networks.

UCLA Online Teaching Program

Courses in Curriculum:

Completed the UC:LA Extension - Online Teaching Program which is intended to train educators in the skills needed to utilize the "virtual classroom" environment. The course work is conducted completely online and focuses on theory and practical application of computer-based learning in the context of the internet.
"UCLA Extension's Online Teaching program is not a teaching credential. Rather, it is a series of courses in technology, presentation, instructional design, curriculum development, and research tools for the virtual classroom." [ course descriptons]

Current Use of Educational Technology in Teaching

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