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The introduction page is a cover page for all of the planned WAC assignments for a semester of Architectural Drafting & Design. One assignment What is Your Style? has been developed fully for EDUC 632 requirements. Take the What is Your Style? link in the left-hand navigation bar to begin this assignment.

Target Audience Post-Secondary

1st Semester Architectural Design Freshman
Common characteristics of this group are that 75% or more are recent HS graduates, they may or may not have had any prior design or drawing experience, they may or may not be currently enrolled in Freshman-level English Composition, and may be borderline in basic language communication skills

Subject Area Architectural Design

This web-based assignment is to use internet technology to facilitate Writing Across the Curriculum [ WAC ] objectives in the Architectural Engineering Technology at Delaware Technical & Community College. Therefore the relevant subject areas are both architectural design and English composition.

Curriculum Objectives Overall Objectives

This web-based assignment is to use internet technology to facilitate Writing Across the Curriculum [ WAC ] objectives by integrating web-facilitated writing assignments into a primarily studio-based hands on architectural design course. The goals of WAC in general, complement this method of instructional delivery well. As stated by Colorado State University [1], writing across the curriculum strives to:

a) To develop design/engineering students who have the skills to communicate information, concepts and ideas effectively orally, in writing and graphically. They must be skilled in the retrieval, interpretation, and development of technical information by various means, including the use of computer-aided techniques.

b) They must have the knowledge and skills to be able to recognize, define and solve problems by applying sound design and engineering principles.

The WAC assignments for the Architectural Drafting & Design course utilize the skills in the first general WAC objectives above. The students will use the results of the research and writing to apply to their in-class studio design project which enhances their problem solving ability in the second general objective.

[1] Writing Across the Curriculum, Colorado State University

Specific Objectives
  1. Complete research to develop more sophisticated and professional design frame of reference
  2. To develop understanding of the vocabulary of architectural style and use it in the critical analysis of design issues and annotation
  3. Foster critical thinking about design issues related to course project and analysis of case studies
  4. Associate particular design styles within context of design history
  5. Communicate design goals and concepts in clear, concise and cogent written explanations

Instructional Design & Student Use of Internet Resources Basic Instructional Design

All instruction is delivered via Blackboard.com in internet format for the WAC assignments which are to be completed independently of structured F2F drawing/design studio class meetings which concentrate on the specific design project itself. The WAC assignments complement the design project tasks, to further the student’s knowledge and analysis of the theory and concepts that they are trying to develop and apply in the design studio.

Each WAC assignment consists of a five step process – research, analysis, collaboration, peer review, summarizing (in written format). The time frame for one WAC module would be about one month to complete the research, analysis, collaboration and writing for that module.

Specific Use of Internet Resources
Research Assignment(s) have very directed and detailed requirements for internet based research to complement traditional print research. The assignment instructions include refining search skills, finding sources and evaluating internet sources.
Web Site Lessons The student will access the WAC web site lessons outside of studio class meetings.

Discussion Forum

The heart of the web-based WAC assignments are the dedicated Blackboard.com Discussion Forums. The students are required to utilize the forum for interaction in the assignment phases of research, analysis, collaboration, & peer review. Their final submission is also posted to the Discussion Forum.
Instructor Assignment Moderation

The DESCON-ED WAC modules are designed to be completely stand alone instructional units. Therefore, there is no instructional input required for the actual lesson units. The students will require some demonstration in the studio class using the Smart-Board system to familiarize them with the EDGE Blackboard.com site and the WAC assignment pages. After that the instructor should encourage participation in the Discussion Forum in the F2F classes, but should be careful not to make class discussions a substitute for Discussion Forum participation. The instructor will facilitate the Discussion forum, and should use personal email as necessary to initiate and encourage the development of the parallel world of e-communication to that of the classroom setting.

Management Plan

College Supported Systems

The technology resources to be used require all of the following that are provided at the campus where instruction occurs:

"SmartBoard" System in Classroom Although the classroom is not a computer-lab, but a design studio without individual computer terminals, it is equipped with a SmartBoard which permits direct connection and display of internet related instruction to the students.
"DTCC EDGE" - Blackboard.com site Similar to the University of Delaware WebCT course sites, the college will have an integrated platform for internet based instructional delivery on their Blackboard.com site

Student Computer Lab

Networked student computer lab with open access for students to complete the internet based WAC assignments on their own time.
Instructor Supported Systems

DESCON-ED Instructional Web Site

The instructor maintains the majority of the instructional materials for the WAC assignments on the DESCON-ED Instructional Web Site which is owned and maintained by the instructor. The assignments here are crosslinked back to the EDGE Blackboard.com course web pages. The students will enter the DESCON-ED assignments always through links from the BB.com course web pages.


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