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September 27

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Linda Cripps [L-C]

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My Latest Dolly Find ...
My Latest Dolly Triumph My Latest Dolly Creation
Two sets of 8" Horsman Boy-Girls. The top two are Fairyskin, the bottom pair is jointed. The Dolly Swap comes to White Fawn
Sandy & Baby Vonda in handmade original outfits
Suzie's Summer Adventure ... she is in rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Brag Box:

My 2 Twinns and one happy camper .... thanks a trillion to you-all at Dollmama's Den.

My Dolly Dream:

A compo Horsman Jo Jo - the "ultimate" chubby girl with braids.
(more on my swap profile)

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Catzilla meets 5-yr old niece Lisabeth...