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The list of overall recommendations was getting very lengthy. To make this interface easier to use, I have linked all of the Listserv notes to their own page.

Search Tools go to Search Engine recommendations The discovery of the "Invisible Web" provided such a wealth of information, that a separate web page has been created for this list of recommendations.

Lesson Plan Sources Rationale: These sites are dedicated primarily to supporting integrating art-based activities into all disciplines of study and at many levels of instruction from K-12. The one specific lesson plan site is highlighted as being one of the very best lesson sites within the two major lesson plan archives linked. I would use it as an example for undergraduate or graduate level students as a model for developing architecturally-based study for students at the middle school leve as a project for my college level students.

Trajan's Rome

A Six Lesson Middle School level interdisciplinary curriculum unit at Getty Museum's ArtsEdNet. An incredibly rich lesson site complete with high quality handouts that looks at both architecture, history, and culture during the reign of the Roman Emperor Trajan. It integrates both online tools and hands-on classroom activites with complete directions for the teacher.

Getty Museum's ArtsEdNet

This is the overall site in which the Trajan's Rome lesson plan series is found. It is an excellent resource for integrating arts-based learning into all curriculum levels. Not all resources are as online-based as the Trajan's Rome series of lessons, but it is an excellent resource nevertheless.

Arts 4 Learning

This is another excellent site for arts-based learning activities for integration into a broad area of subjects and various levels of instruction. Some lesson units require nominal registration for access. All lesson units have been developed by arts educators from many various places, and so they differ greatly in approach, use of online and traditional resources, and degree of documentation.

Data Sets or Online Tools go to Data Sets & Online Tools Recommendations The results of this study produced many option, including the original reference sources originally published with the Search Engine Tools.

Telecollaborative Projects [ Virtual Field trips used instead for this course assignment ]

Virtual Field Trips

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I incorporated prior research and the work I did for this course into one site for the beginning of my personal archive of resources.


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