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Rationale - the rationale for inclusion of these sources in the list of recommendations is done partly on a category-by-category basis to avoid the repetition that would occur if it was done on an item-by-item basis.

Short Form

These are short and quick to use evaluation tools

Rationale: These are web pages that offer "short-form" guidelines for evaluating internet sources. These are useful for undergraduates as after completing any comprehensive internet research training such as is offered through the library, the student needs a quick outline as a reminder of the major points to consider.

Evaluating Web Pages;
Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask

This is the form at the UC Berkeley - Teaching Library Internet Workshops web site. It is very detailed in a "how-to" step by step approach. It would also be appropriate for a comprehensive short-form internet research lesson.

Evaluating Internet Resources

This is a good short-form rubric from the Millner Library at Illinois State University.

In-Depth Evaluation & Tutorials

Rationale: These sites are tools that offer more than a quick rubric-type form. They could be used as references for more in-depth training in using the internet for research.

OWL Google Search Engine Tutorial

This is a tutorial at Purdue University in using GOOGLE, which is the search engine automatically linked to the browsers in our student computer labs. It is very useful as it directly trains the student in a tool that they will encounter by default if they choose no other while using the student labs.

The Internet Detective

This is a tool that is free to use for academic purposes. It can be used directly from its UK home site, or can be downloaded for use offline or in an executable format. It is comprehensive. Its few drawbacks are in the area of graphics and navigation. The sequential "Next" link is buried in tiny tiny print at the bottom at the end of a library of links. It would need good explanation prior to use to avoid confusion.

Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins

This web site is excellent for comprehensive instruction in top level academic internet based research.

Comprehensive Internet Research Assistance Sites

Rationale: These sites are maintained by academic libraries and have comprehensive development of tools for all facets of internet based research, from general information "how-to's", to detailed guidelines for conducting and evaluating internet based research

Finding Information on the Internet:
Tutorial Table of Contents

UC Berkeley - Teaching Library Internet Workshops

An excellent resource for undergraduate level research

Searching the World Wide Web

This is the Intenet Search section of the OWL - Online Writing Lab by Purdue University.

General Guidelines for Internet Research

This is the University Library web site at the University of Nebraska Omaha. A little more "short-form" in terms of the treatment of its topics than the Purdue OWL site, it has the nice feature that all of the pages offer a "print-format" version that the student could hardcopy for making their own research manual.


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