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This section is what happened to Ruthie after 1969.
After the introduction of the new Ruthie face ca. 1967, her popularity lasted only a few more years. Perhaps the doll market was evolving. Perhaps she had been marketed as so many other types of dolls she lost her brand identity. I do not know. However, Ruthie underwent some last transformations.

As noted before, all of this content is based on my own research of scant available resources and careful observation of my own collection. As always, comments, corrections, are welcome

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[note until all my pix are complete, I am using a few borrowed from my research ]

No More Sleepy-Eye [ top ]

In 1970, the last year of Patiki Gibb's Horsman book, Ruthie is shown with a nearly identical head mold as she had since her "new face" ca. 1967. However, she now has side-glancing painted eyes instead of moveable sleep-eyes. Her body is very similar also, and she is listed at one size - the 14" size.

What did they DO to you, Ruthie? [ top ]

Sometime after 1970, the classic Ruthie head was re-introduced on a cloth body doll.
My poor baby girl - where did you get those big clompy feet?

[ pic from Prilly Charmin's Doll Shop - thx Cyndy ]