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More of this content will be developed soon - but for now here are the basics.

First blow molds still had lots of sizes and dimpled knees. T-series heads.

This heavy vinyl and blow mold terminology is of my own making - to identify the distinct evolutions in this doll type. I would dearly love to know what Horsman called all of these changes, but so far that remains to be discovered.

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As noted before, all of this content is based on my own research of scant available resources and careful observation of my own collection. As always, comments, corrections, are welcome.

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look just like earlier Ruthies and imitate all of their features including the rounded dimpled knees. Arms and legs are much much lighter than heavy vinyl ones. It seems the T series head marks, though sporadically can be found before this body material, they are always a characteristic of the blow-vinyl molds.

Standard Ruthie head marks for this era dolls: T-14, T-16, T-21, T27 My doll catalogs confirm it, they put the same head on several heights of dolls - they put T-14 heads on dolls 13in, 14in, and 15in tall. They put T-16 heads on dolls 16in, 17in, and 18in tall. T-21 heads are on 20 inch dolls. T-27 heads are on 26-28in dolls which are explained in their separate page - The Large Dolls.. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but those are the facts.

A best guesstimates for this time frame is difficult - what is more certain is that all the blow mold types were probably made between 1962 and 1966.