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More of this content will be developed soon - but for now here are the basics.

Ruthie - launched 1959. Lots of sizes, hairstyles, outfits, but the one classic fac

from 1960 catalog:
" leave it to Horsman to improve on perfection. Last year's Ruthie was winsome ...wonderful ..a best seller everywhere. For 1960 as all new Ruthie better than before: "Miracle Head" - tilts, turns takes any position, Baby soft vinyl skin so life-like, Rooted PermaCurl hair etc etc.

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As noted before, all of this content is based on my own research of scant available resources and careful observation of my own collection. As always, comments, corrections, are welcome.

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Early Heavy Vinyl Ruthie [ top ]

The first vinyl Ruthie dolls with moveable arms, legs and head were very heavy but are a little soft with some "give". Are stamped Horsman on head, sometimes just that Sometimes with a date, or numbers like 14, or l-40. Sometimes the size number like 14 can be stamped on back of neck.

The doll is soft to a degree that initially I was wondering if it was other than vinyl. Ergo the Rubber? label on picture.

A head stamped with a number like 40 is a good clue to the first Ruthies.

I can't wait until I get all my dolly girls that go here up, especially all of the ones in hats & coats I call the Traveling Ruthie Girls.

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