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This is my evolving opus magnus on the Horsman Ruthie dolls. from 1960 Horsman catalog:
" leave it to Horsman to improve on perfection. Last year's Ruthie was winsome ...wonderful ..a best seller everywhere. For 1960 as all new Ruthie better than before: "Miracle Head" - tilts, turns takes any position, Baby soft vinyl skin so life-like, Rooted PermaCurl hair etc etc."

All written content contained herein is solely my own work, based on my research from pretty scant print resources and detailed observation of my own brood of Ruthies. If any visitor should happen to know of additional sources, comments, corrections, please write me.

This was the second year of issue of Ruthie - one of "America's Best Loved Doll" of late 50s early 60s and certainly my best loved doll.

You know you are a collector when you want the original catalogs, ads, and every scrap of paper written about the object of your passion. I was a child in the Ruthie era - but I can state fairly certainly that I never owned one. Perhaps my emotional attachment is a long buried memory of seeing her face again and again, but she never got to come home with me. Not until after the year 2000, that is, and now she populates the house. Ruthie Rules.

The Ruthie story begins ....

One of the first Ruthies [ top ]

The name "Ruthie" in the Horsman inventory began in the compo era and was used on a relatively big compo Mama-type doll. I'll have to buy that new book, or at least purloin it for a few hours at Borders to tie down when and exactly what she was called.

Like a lot of Horsman doll names that were recycled over and over appended to a variety of dolls, Ruthie was re-incarnated as a model name in 1959 for a new line of vinyl dolls, although the head mold precedes that date.

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