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Types of Design Courses Online

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The types of courses offered as online instruction in the design field can be classifed into two general categories. One comprises courses that are primarily knowledge-based and include history and survey courses. The other category focuses on skill-based instruction such as drawing and design.

I expected to find a selection of courses in the first category, as knowledge-based instruction is has traditionally been text and writing based instruction and is easily adapted to the internet. There were many selections of courses in the area of the history of art and architecture, and some in more technical areas, such as Building Construction: Building Codes, Foundations and Framing offered at Ohio State University and courses in building materials and methods of instruction at Honolulu Community College and Monroe Community College, SUNY.

I was more interested in seeing what was offered, if anything, in the skill-based instruction area. The live F2F ( face-to-face ) studio model has been the preferred mode of instruction for drawing- and design-based skills for centuries. I was curious to see how others had approached these types of courses when considering how to adapt these courses to remote, asynchronous formats. There were several course offerings, however as far as I could tell, very few were offered in a purely online format with no contact between the student and the instructor. The other courses utilized different concepts for the online component in the course. The courses ranged from a calligraphy course offered at the University of Iowa to a course in Studio Procedures at Mohawk Valley Community College, SUNY. In architecture related courses, there were several as well: Basic Drawing at Humbolt State U, although their site was so badly organized, I couldn't follow any links to find a lot of information about the course, Introduction to Construction Drawing at Honolulu Community College, and computer graphics courses at the University of Oregon and Parsons School of Design.



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